Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Are you having issues with your website?
Do you need to integrate a third-party service with your site or extend functionality?
Do you need to run automated reports or get metrics on specific website data, including Sales or Order reports on your WooCommerce store and can’t find a suitable plugin?
Do you need a capable WordPress Development Team to build a custom plugin?
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/Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Need Custom WordPress Plugin Development?

Fuze offers various services for WordPress website support and the development of custom WordPress plugins. If you already have a website and require additional functionality or new features, consider having a tailor-made plugin crafted to meet your specific needs.

Suppose an off-the-shelf plugin is unavailable, and you still need customisation work completed on your site. In that case, custom plugin development allows you to expand the capability of your website without having to reconsider a rebuild or move over to a different platform. We’ll be able to work with you to document the requirements, provide a quote and then complete the plugin development.

/Custom WordPress Plugin Development

How can we help?

Our team consist of seasoned WordPress plugin development specialists. Beyond creating the plugins for your website, we also offer ongoing WordPress support and maintenance services for our clients. So, don’t hesitate to contact us; we would love to discuss your WordPress plugin development project.

WordPress Plugin Development Explained

There are over 54,000 plugins listed on WordPress.org. The actual number of plugins available is unknown. Still, the sheer number of plugins and extensions available, both free and paid and the functionality they offer are some of the best parts of having a WordPress site. These plugins and attachments can be installed into WordPress websites to extend their features and functionality.

Developing a custom WordPress plugin starts with proper documentation and a clear understanding of your requirements. Many developers will jump straight into the coding without adequately understanding the outcomes you are trying to achieve.

Our team of expert WordPress developers has years of experience developing high-quality customised WordPress plugins, whether a plugin to generate customised reports or automate some processes or integrations into third-party APIs; we can help. We will develop the plugin, test it with the rest of your website and ensure that it meets its purpose.

WordPress Plugin Development Services Overview

Fuze can help you with the following custom WordPress plugin development services including: 
  • WordPress plugin development to implement new features and functionality, extending the functionality of existing plugins.
  • WordPress plugin installation – need some assistance installing and setting up a plugin you have purchased.
  • WordPress plugin customisation – if you have an existing plugin that you need modified or functionality added to. This includes plugin upgrades, plugin modifications and plugin functionality enhancements.
  • WordPress plugin integration – you may need to integrate your WordPress Website to a 3rd party API or other software platform or cloud service where integration is possible.
  • Resolving Plugin Conflicts – sometimes, installing a plugin can break your site or output some error messages. We can assist you with determining the plugin conflicts and getting your site back up and running correctly.

WordPress Plugin Development Services Overview

  • WordPress Plugin Requirements Gathering and Documentation
    We will work with you to gather your requirements, brainstorm ideas, and understand all the interdependencies. This is an essential step before starting any plugin development work.
  • Confirm if it will be feasible to undertake the Custom Plugin Development Process.
    We will work with you and perform some research to check if it is technically possible to implement the custom plugin you want to create. We will provide you with a quotation and a budgetary proposal, and you can determine if the proceeding is feasible.
  • Staged Plugin Development Methodology
    Depending on the complexity of your plugin, the Development of a Custom WordPress plugin can be split up into multiple stages, and we can prioritise the most critical features and functionality and deploy a phased approach, ensuring that every release is adequately tested before being pushed to production.
  • Ongoing Support, Maintenance, and continuous development
    When we complete the development of a WordPress Plugin for you, our relationship doesn’t have to end there. We can assist you with the ongoing support and maintenance of your website and any ongoing development and customisation work in the future.
  • Transparency
    Any work we conduct on your website will be run through our ticketing system, meaning we will only charge you for time spent and can provide itemised timesheets of all work completed.

What are the next steps if you want custom WordPress Plugin Development?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a tailor-made plugin for your WordPress website. Give us a call or send an inquiry through our contact form. Our skilled consultants will promptly arrange a discussion with you to gather your specific needs for the custom WordPress plugin, and we’ll work diligently to provide you with a detailed quote.

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A 1-5 page brochure style website

Custom design and developed (not a template), built on a scalable content management system (CMS).

Includes all features of small business website, and includes rich interactive effects and animations to a ‘wow’ factor.

Sell products online through an online eCommerce store with a CMS to manage products, orders, content etc.

A website with advanced functionality that can include user account login systems, booking systems, fee comparison, etc.

A large well thought out, highly optimised, possibly multi-region and/or multi-language site for a large organization or company.

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Content Management System

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A site built on an out of the box theme, not something we’d recommend however it can save on cost.

A website coded in front end code only without a CMS, you’ll need to know HTML/CSS to make changes.

A website built on WordPress CMS, the most popular content management system.

A back-end only content management system, providing better flexibility, performance and security with some limitations to third party/plugin usage.

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Please choose any additional features or extras:

Technical optimisation of your website to appear in search engine results

Post-development site/CMS training 2 hours remote session.

Set up analytics and install tracking code/tags as required on your site allowing you to view hits/sessions and site engagement.

Social feeds, share and like icons directly on your website.

compliance including a privacy policy, and cookie opt in.

Set up of a blog/news feature allowing you to easily update your site with posts.

Integration of a newsletter signs up directly into your website, to gain subscribers.

Registration of domain name and DNS setup.

A sortable portfolio to display case studies or a portfolio of work.

Integrate your website directly with your CRM to automatically capture leads.

A live chat feature on your website to convert your website users.

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Design and Digital Marketing

Please choose from any additional design or digital marketing services you may require:

Design of a vectored logo, including 5 concepts and 3 rounds of revisions logo of your choice.

A comprehensive branding process, with brand guidelines, comprehensive logo design and colour scheme/typography usage

Graphic design of letterheads for print use.

Graphic design of business cards delivered in CYMK ready format for print use.

Graphic design of an A4 or A5 brochure, up to 8 pages in a CYMK print-ready format.

A digital marketing campaign for your site to help it rank and get traffic post-launch.

A social media campaign to help your site and company get exposure post launch.

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