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  • Your Needs

    The following questions will help us understand better who you are & your company’s needs regarding paid advertising. So tell us more about YOU!
  • This way we will know how much technical information we need to give you.
  • This is where you want each one of your ads to land on your website.
  • Please let us know your main goal, and a secondary goal if you have one. Please be as detailed as possible.
  • include all possible campaigns in Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Don’t worry if you haven’t thought about this yet. We will work out these together later on!
  • It doesn’t have to be a complete list, just to give us an idea on what we will be focusing later on.
  • We usually recommend starting small, and later on to develop around multiple products or services, to make sure that the strategy created for you works the best. Also, any links to this product or service will help us substantially!
  • Any specific needs you have related to paid advertising?

    Now that we got to know you, we need to know your target audience. Don’t worry if there are questions you don’t have answers for, we will find out later on, together!
  • This will help us get a better understanding of the area of your services, and how far and wide will your advertising display. If you have multiple locations, just put them all in a list below:
  • We just need some details like: -age /age group -gender -ethnicity -education level -income -any other details that might help us; This will help us better audience that we are looking for.
  • Hey, we need to know who are we going up against? This can determine the costs for advertising.
  • Can you please give us some info on your marketing messages? We need to know what makes you unique [USP’s, advantage over the competition etc];
  • Just tell us through what channels are you finding new customers.
  • Even though we will come up with a suggestion regarding your budget based on your goal, audience & competitor analysis and many other metrics, it would be nice to know what you had in mind regarding your monthly budgets.
  • Max CPA or CPL, Total Sales – All Expenses = Profit/Max CPA
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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Thank you, we will contact you soon !


Please answer the questions below so we can get a better understanding of your general requirements.

enter your website URL

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Site Type

Please select what best describes your requirements:

A 1-5 page brochure style website

Custom design and developed (not a template), built on a scalable content management system (CMS).

Includes all features of small business website, and includes rich interactive effects and animations to a ‘wow’ factor.

Sell products online through an online eCommerce store with a CMS to manage products, orders, content etc.

A website with advanced functionality that can include user account login systems, booking systems, fee comparison, etc.

A large well thought out, highly optimised, possibly multi-region and/or multi-language site for a large organization or company.

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Content Management System

Please answer the questions below so we can determine whether you need a CMS or eCommerce system

A site built on an out of the box theme, not something we’d recommend however it can save on cost.

A website coded in front end code only without a CMS, you’ll need to know HTML/CSS to make changes.

A website built on WordPress CMS, the most popular content management system.

A back-end only content management system, providing better flexibility, performance and security with some limitations to third party/plugin usage.

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Please choose any additional features or extras:

Technical optimisation of your website to appear in search engine results

Post-development site/CMS training 2 hours remote session.

Set up analytics and install tracking code/tags as required on your site allowing you to view hits/sessions and site engagement.

Social feeds, share and like icons directly on your website.

compliance including a privacy policy, and cookie opt in.

Set up of a blog/news feature allowing you to easily update your site with posts.

Integration of a newsletter signs up directly into your website, to gain subscribers.

Registration of domain name and DNS setup.

A sortable portfolio to display case studies or a portfolio of work.

Integrate your website directly with your CRM to automatically capture leads.

A live chat feature on your website to convert your website users.

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Design and Digital Marketing

Please choose from any additional design or digital marketing services you may require:

Design of a vectored logo, including 5 concepts and 3 rounds of revisions logo of your choice.

A comprehensive branding process, with brand guidelines, comprehensive logo design and colour scheme/typography usage

Graphic design of letterheads for print use.

Graphic design of business cards delivered in CYMK ready format for print use.

Graphic design of an A4 or A5 brochure, up to 8 pages in a CYMK print-ready format.

A digital marketing campaign for your site to help it rank and get traffic post-launch.

A social media campaign to help your site and company get exposure post launch.

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Website Content

Please select the number of pages or products you required for your website, copywriting is an optional extra:

Please select the number of pages your website requires to be populated as part of the build, included are product pages (how many products).

Please select the length of content for each page

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Final Details

Prioritise your project to delivery it ASAP.

We love dogs!!

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Cost Summary

The final estimated price is :


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Discount :
Total :